Book Review: Kregel Blog Tour. Candle Bible Handbook.

I have never left a comment for a book before but I wanted to for this one because I thought it was important to bring back Christianity to children everyday and I think it should be in our schools. I elaborated on the subject in my comments. Take a look!

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Candle Bible Handbook

Candle Bible Handbook byTerry Jean Day & Carol Smith 

About the Book: Travel through Bible history with this comprehensible exploration of the Bible, following the key narratives from Genesis to Revelation. Perfect as a child’s first Bible reference, he will travel through Bible lands and times and discover how the people lived: the foods they ate, the homes they occupied, the clothes they wore, and the work they performed. There are sections of study questions throughout to further learning, as well as glossaries and FAQs to help understanding.

My Review: I have reviewed a lot of the Candle Bible books and I was so glad that they had the Candle Bible Handbook. The Old and New Testamentsis packed full of facts about every book in the bible. It explains some of the mysteries of the bible. Why the bible was written and by whom. It also gives background information…

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